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The Plaintext tag allows you to create a simple text entry input in the editor, which can also be associated with a given HTML tag, without giving your users full richtext capabilities.
{{ plaintext(element, tagName, [className, maWwords, placeholder,
renderEmptyElement]) }}

Plaintext Tag Arguments:

  • element: DataLocator - the data-element storing the Plaintext tag's configuration
  • tagName: string - a hard-coded tag name for the rendered element
  • className: string (optional) - a hard-coded class name to add to the rendered element
  • maxWords: number (optional) - the maximum number of words allowed in this field
  • placeholder: string (optional) - placeholder text to display in the editor when empty
  • renderEmptyElement: string (optional) - when set to True, will render the tag in tagName when there is no content defined by the author (Default: False)
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