The RichText tag is a very powerful tool for adding fully content-editable text areas to your sections, which can also be augmented with embedding tools for even richer media content.

<RichText dataRef={content.text} startTag="div" />


  • dataRef: DataLocator - the data-element storing the Richtext tag's configuration

  • startTag: string (optional) - the initial tag to start the richtext block with (default "p")

  • className: string (optional) - a hard-coded class name to add to the rendered element

  • maxWords: number (optional) - the maximum number of words allowed in this field

  • placeholder: string (optional) - placeholder text to display in the editor when empty

  • enableAlignment: boolean (optional) - when true, allows content authors to align individual areas of the text within the rich text block (Default: True)

  • enableHtml: boolean (optional) - when True, allows content authors to create HTML conetnt (Default: True)

  • enableEmbeds: boolean (optional) - when true, allows content to embed media, forms, or 3rd-party content (e.g. embedded videos from other platforms) into the content (Default: False)

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